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Millions of people around the world are suffering because they have little or no access to medicine and health care. They live in communities made vulnerable by conflict, displacement or natural disasters. They are expectant mothers in Africa and South Asia bleeding to death due to lack of access to medicine. They are refugee children in the Middle East in great pain because the hospital's supply of pain medication has run out. We want to eradicate this suffering.


IHP works hard to ensure that some of the unmet needs in our world can be met through the safe and effective coordination of medical product donations. Founded in 2004 in response to the huge need for medicine during the aftermath of the Asian Tsunami, we have continued to respond wherever the need is greatest, working with the healthcare industry and medical NGOs to send high quality medical aid.


Today we work with over 75 healthcare companies and 25 international medical NGOs in 106 countries to bring targeted medical relief.

For a world where everyone can access the medicine they need

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Donating medicine well requires expertise. Our regulated systems and logistics know-how helps ensure medicines are donated safely and responsibly. We make it possible for healthcare companies, medical NGOs and medics to collaborate to save lives.


IHP is a registered charity in the UK and is licensed to operate as a wholesale distributor by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA). Our quality management system underpins and ensures our compliance with the appropriate regulations.  


IHP is also a signatory to the WHO Guidelines for Medicine Donations and the Red Cross Code of Conduct, and is a member of the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations and the Integral Alliance.


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