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The distribution of essential medicines in contexts where health access is limited and people are in need, can help to both change and save lives. Every year hundreds of doctors, health care professionals and humanitarians undertake trips overseas to carry out work supporting and strengthening health systems around the world.  The Essential Health Pack provides high quality medicines needed to equip work in places where stock outs and intermittent supplies of medication are all too frequent and where false, counterfeit, or sub-standard medicines may be common.


An Essential Health Pack (EHP) is a pre-packed kit, filled with a range of essential medicines, to support critical primary health care delivery in any setting. They are highly portable so that they can be transported to wherever they might be needed, and act as a mobile pharmacy.  Each kit contains a broad assortment of over-the-counter and prescription medicines such as antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, anti-fungal and antiparasitics. Kits contain a minimum of 800 courses of treatments.


The contents of the EHPs have been designed based on feedback from Doctors working abroad, the British Medical Association and the World Health Organization. An EHP comprises two boxes of primary healthcare medicines, with approximately 800 treatments for adults and children. Packs typically include antibiotics, antifungals, analgesics, antacids, antiemetics, anti-inflamamatories, antiparasitics, eye drops/ointment and inhalers. Most products are for acute conditions. Please get in touch for a current contents list.


•All medicines have over 12 months dating when packed and are of the highest quality

•All medicines are donated directly by the pharmaceutical manufacturer

•An EHP is two boxes each weighing between 13-16kg


We undertake a rigorous application process to ensure that all donated medical product will be handled in a secure and professional manner. Anyone can apply for a pack. However for individuals wishing to take a pack if you are not a practicing medic the application will need to be signed off by a qualified doctor.


Medical Students travelling on elective are eligible to carry an EHP. All you need is a qualified doctor to sign your application (this is often the course tutor).

We supply pre-packed mobile kits (Essential Health Packs) of essential medicines that can be used by healthcare professionals, NGOs and other partners to reach locations around the world.

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