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By providing essential medicines and supplies, IHP and its partners around the world are giving people living in vulnerable situations the chance to receive healthcare and live healthy lives, helping to break the vicious cycle of poverty and poor health.


Donated medicines play a key role in countries where:


  • The medically under-served are unable to pay for the necessary treatment.

  • Donated medicines fill a valuable gap until investment can be safely and sustainably made in building the domestic market and supply chain capacity

  • NGOs can reduce the size of their drug budgets and direct the savings to strengthen services in the health system


Medicines are donated by IHP to support three specific priority areas:


1. Supporting Specific Hospitals/Clinics


Donated medicines and supplies create savings in the drugs budget that can be used to improve infrastructure in other parts of the health facility.



2. Specialist treatment areas


IHP connects partners in the field with donors to create and maintain specialised programmes to address specific health issues such as maternal & child health, oncology, mental health, and diabetes.  


3. Country Programmes


We help to increase access to medicine across a national health system through donated medicines alongside capacity building projects in:


  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management

  • Medicines Management

We provide ongoing medical support in a number of countries around the world that suffer from a chronic lack of access to medicines. Our programmes range from supporting single hospitals, to focusing on specific diseases, and more comprehensive country-wide initiatives that include capacity building.


Expanding health services in the Amazon


Supporting QA and QC development in Pakistan