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Essential Health Pack Saves a Leg!

By IHP, Jun 8 2017 12:58PM

Photo: Treating typical foot conditions. Credit: Joe Mather

IHP’s Essential Health Packs have been used all over the world but this is the first time we know of that the medicines have, quite literally, saved a leg. Dr Simon Kaye, who took the pack to Uganda, tells us more.

“In 2010 my friend, who is the UK CEO of a charity in Uganda, asked if I could support them with medical help. It’s a place where it is very difficult for patients to access medicines and there was no existing clinic to work alongside. I knew Pfizer made a particular antibiotic that would be very useful in Uganda. I asked one of their reps if her company could donate these medicines to us. She referred me to IHP. I was delighted to hear about what they could offer and five trips later we are still taking out Essential Health Packs!”

As a result of the visits, Simon has got to know the local community in this area of Uganda very well. This includes a farmer called Ivan. When Simon first met him Ivan had an open leg wound which had led to an infection in his shin. He was in considerable pain but was still working as a farmer. Simon and the team examined him and explained the serious nature of his condition; they could not cure the condition and feared he would lose the leg but they hoped they could limit the spread of infection. Simon continues “We gave him good wound care, plenty of strong painkillers and several weeks of the strongest antibiotic that we had in the Essential Health Pack. He gratefully left and we were just sorry we couldn’t offer intensive western standard curative care.”

The next year, when the team returned to Uganda, Ivan came back to see them. They saw that the wound had stopped discharging; there was still a hole in the skin over his shin but it was healthy and clean. The impact of his treatment has been profound on both Ivan and his family. Able to keep his leg, Ivan was able to return to a pain free life for himself and support his family. Without a healthy leg all this was in jeopardy. And Ivan is just one of many individuals who will have benefited from the packs which contain over 800 courses of treatments. To find out more and apply for a pack click here or drop Patrick an email on p.keys@ihpuk.org

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