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New CEO for IHP

By IHP, Nov 2 2017 09:17AM

International Health Partners (IHP) has appointed Adele Paterson as their third Chief Executive Officer. The charity is moving into a new stage of development as it examines commercial opportunities as well as existing charity collaborations to provide greater access to quality medicines for all.

Prof. Richard Barker, Chair of the Board of Trustees of IHP said:

‘Adele is moving into the role of Chief Executive to build the impact of the organisation at this exciting time in our journey. Moving from her current position as Director of Corporate Partners, Adele brings with her a wealth of knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. She has an international reputation, sitting on the board of the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations and Integral Alliance, and has initiated unique partnerships with UK and international pharmaceutical companies during her nine years at IHP. We are delighted that she has accepted our invitation to lead IHP into the new phase of development.'

Adele Paterson, said:

‘I’m delighted to be IHP’s third CEO, following founder Anthony Dunnett CBE and Alex Harris at this watershed moment for the organisation and the industry. The world is facing significant health challenges: complex crises, environmental change and the rise of “lifestyle” diseases creating further pressure on broken health systems. While demand grows, funding falls. However, IHP’s expertise and effectiveness mean that we are a valuable weapon in the fight for access to medicines for all and we intend to step up the attack in this vital area with even stronger partnerships built across the sector. With the help of the committed IHP team, I intend to strengthen the bridge that IHP provides between quality medicines and immense need. I relish the challenges ahead and look forward to working with our partners and staff team as we increase our life-saving impact.’


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